Ibiza Old Town

Hola amigos! Back in July I found out that I would start my new job in a few weeks already, and I realized that I hadn’t planned any holidays yet! The boyfriend and I were discussing this topic over breakfast in one of our favourite coffee bars, when he suddenly came up with the crazy idea to leave for Ibiza only three days later. He had been to Ibiza a few times before (that DJ thing, you know) and has been trying since forever to convince me of the fact that the island has so much more to offer than just partying. In a desperate whim and an urgent need of sunshine I agreed on the idea and we immediately booked our flights and Airbnb on our phones. Sounds crazy, right?

After a quite unfortunate journey (I’m being very euphemistic here: we had a 17 hour delay!) we finally arrived on the island and decided to visit the old centre of Ibiza town. After a nap, that is. I was positively surprised by how quiet the old town actually was! Despite the cloudy weather and the peak season timing there were nearly no tourists around. We wandered around a bit, cooled down with a milkshake and admired the lovely sea views. The city is absolutely adorable, and the sceneries turned out even more enchanting and alive during the evening. We had dinner at La Oliva, a restaurant located at the heart of the city that attracts lots of tourists but is SO cozy and has some great dishes on the menu.

This is my first Ibiza post of a small series, so you can expect more sunny content during the next few days! Looking forward too? Pictures of course say a lot more than words in terms of holidays, so here’s my little photo diary:

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ZARA lace dress (old), LEVI’S vintage shorts, POLETTE c/o sunglasses, STEVE MADDEN c/o sandals, COACH bag