How to rock ton-sur-ton

Although I used to be a keen lover of print and colour combining back in the days, I tend to choose for more monochrome options nowadays. One of my latest obsessions is the concept of ton-sur-ton: you just dress up in 1 colour only. Not only does this trend make you seem a lot taller and thinner, it also gives an instant chic touch to your appearance!

Ton-sur-ton for beginners like myself restricts itself to basic colours like black, grey and navy. I particularly love the latter for this uniform dressing, as navy is less harsh and more chic than black. Here’s three tips on how I wear my ton-sur-ton:

  • Replace your monochrome shoes by printed ones for an eye-catching effect.
  • Mix up several textures and volumes to keep your silhouette interesting.
  • Keep your accessories and jewellery simple and dainty.

Are you an expert in monochrome dressing? Or do you prefer a few hints of colour?








Photos by Dogs & Dresses

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  • Soulofashopper

    Ohhh love love love it! And that coat is just gorgeous! xx, Alma

  • Staat je fantastisch goed! x

  • Natali

    Sporty elegance!! This is such a great outfit!

  • Love this idea! I prefer the grey one and I actually posted a total grey look on my blog yesterday.. You can check it and tell me your opinion 🙂
    I think that the printed shoes are a great tip 😉 they make the difference!

    Xx Maria
    stylefax blogspot com

  • What you’re wearing here was basically my “uniform” when I was in high school (that was a while ago, in the 90’s)! I had absolutely forgotten about that. Still looks cute. Makes me feel like I knew what I was doing just a little bit…

    • Same here! Our uniform was dark navy everything with a grey skirt and white shirt. I used to detest navy for years but now I’m finally a huge fan again 🙂

  • viktoria

    wow! this is so amazing!

  • mirjam

    love your look, especially the wide pants! I mostly go for simple, non-pattern looks, but maybe some color would be great from time to time 🙂
    x. Mirjam

  • Mariska Oldenburg

    Love ton sur ton! Looks so chic!

  • QueenLina
  • Looking P! 🙂
    Keep it up.

    Greets Jon,

  • Callia

    Love the pants



  • Wauw echt heel mooi!