Glitter boots! Yay!

As a huge sales lover, January and July are usually big months for me. I really enjoy browsing through the racks and questing for that one, lower-priced treasure. During the previous sales period I had to save up for Mexico though, so I tried to avoid the shopping streets for over a month. Which proved quite difficult.

Obviously I did end up at my sales walhalla, Zara, but I only got myself 2 pieces! The first piece is an oversized pink cotton shirt that looked splendid while biking through Tulum last week, and secondly I got these real cool glitter boots. I wasn’t too sure about the round heel, but for €9,90 I was willing to give it a try. Oh and I’m not trying to say that I bought them because they were cheap, BUT the sales period definitely allows you to try out new things without having to spend half of your monthly income on them. And that’s exactly what I did with these boots!

They’re glitter. I mean.