Delicacy (and a wedding ring!)

Today’s post is all about elegance, quality and delicacy. Something us classy girls are always after, am I right? A little while ago I was approached by Belgian jewellery designer Hanne Schoofs, a young lady with a passion for handcrafted jewels with a playful accent. She is specialized in the most symbolic and special pieces of jewellery, namely engagement and wedding rings. All jewels start off rough silver, after which Hanne finishes them with gold and other materials. What mostly appealed to me, except for the pure simplicity and elegance of the pieces, is that the brand is 100% Belgian, handmade and is not at all afraid of using recycled materials. Now, what’s not to love?

The one piece I really wanted to show you is — even though I have no near future plans — a wedding ring! I feel like this beautiful, delicate ring can be easily worn in real life without people awkwardly congratulating you, especially now that pearls are having a moment this year. It’s cute, versatile and very affordable as well! What do you think? Show Hanne some love and check out her website for more designs! Thanks for sharing your unique talent with us, Hanne!