Back to the lob?

Much as I love my fringe that instantly gives me that French nonchalance, I’m secretly missing my long bob… This hairdo gives me a more grown up look and allows me to do more different things in terms of styling. Plus, my eyes come out stronger when you see my brows and forehead! But then on the other hand, my current hair ritual only takes about a minute in the morning because my fringe is so easy to maintain. And most of you know how much I appreciate my sleep in the morning…

So dilemmas dilemmas! Right now my hair is the a tiny bit longer as the photo below, so it would be a great timing to start growing out my fringe. It will probably take a year to grow it out completely, but I could maybe wear it a bit 70s in the meantime. Not to confuse with Farah Fawcett‘s hairdo… So, since I should go to the hairdresser soon to fresh up my ends: to cut the fringe or to go back to the lob?