A peek into our apartment / before

You’ve seen bits of my Antwerp apartment on Instagram (#maisonpielaun) and on the blog before, but I’ve never done an actual home tour! The reason being that we were still busy decorating and updating the whole place. Projects like a home never seem to really finish, as it’s an ongoing thing that changes seasonally or even monthly, depending on your mood and current status.

My friend Robin and I moved in here back in May 2016, and in the meantime we’ve both started working for ourselves. This means that the function from our living room got extended to living room/working space for example.

But before I’m sharing the current status of our apartment, I thought it would be fun to show you how it looked when we first got there. You can immediately see the potential of the living room, right? Check out the blog tomorrow morning if you’re interested in how we decorated this place!