7 days, 7 outfits

Woop! I photographed all of my outfits again last week, so let’s get started right away!


As you’ve read already in my Around the clock post, I went to Amsterdam with Levi’s on Sunday. The gorgeous Hoxton served as a perfect backdrop for a quick picture, don’t you think? I wore a WE Studio blazer and tee, a Monki denim shirt, a pair of Tally Weijl skinny jeans, my COS scarf, a Guess bag and these new Zign booties. Comfy!




Since we stayed in Amsterdam for the night, I had to wake up super early and go straight from the train to work. I opted for my new Levi’s 501 CT denim, my Levi’s Antwerp tee and wore my Zign booties and Guess bag from the day before.




Tuesday office day! I wore one of my favourite skirts from Pinko, my new New Look striped top and my Reebok x Bershka sneakers. That midi-skirt vs. sneakers combination is something I picked up only a few months ago, but I’m really loving it! Next to having a lot of freedom and comfort, you also INSTANTLY look cool.




Wednesday was a BIG day, because that’s when I scheduled my hair appointment! I had been doubting about going back to bangs for ages now, and I finally decided to go for it. You’ve seen the results here, and I’m happy to read that you guys are as enthusiast as I am! My hair was done at Flø, a lovely hair salon really close to my apartment. How gorgeous is that decoration? I wore an Equipment shirt, those gorgeous Levi’s 501 CT’s and my Pinko sneakers.




A mini A-line skirt, a see-through knit, leopard ankle boots and red lipstick. Never thought sexy could be this classy! Thursday was a fun day “on the field”: picking up some pieces for a collaboration, shooting in the sun and blogging away with a big cup of coffee.




Okay this may seem not so very authentic: me posing in the exact same dressing room with a different outfit, but this is actually what I wore on Thursday and Friday! I worked together with Filippa K and forgot one of the pieces in store on Thursday, so I came back the next day to pick it up. Notice the 60s-70s vibe going around in my last looks? Your hair really changes your wardrobe options! I wore my old H&M coat, a cashmere sweater by Zara, these Levi’s 501 CT jeans AGAIN and my new New Look loafers (in sale now!).



And alas, on Friday evening the flu struck me hard! So Saturday (every day since Saturday up to today actually) was spent on the couch with a blanket and a hot lemon tea. Despite all warnings I went to see Tame Impala in the evening because NOTHING would stop me, so I’d do with a few painkillers and handkerchiefs. It turned out to be a totally insane gig, but I obviously got even more sick afterwards. So here I am, still sitting at home sneezing! No outfit photo for Saturday, but here’s kind of what I looked like, and still look like:


Checking out and having a lemon and honey tea now! Let me know what your favourite outfit is, and see you soon!