50 Shades of Pharrell

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Pharrel Williams x Adidas c/o sneakers via MONAR ∙ SEE YOU IN VENICE c/o denim

Pop it, pop it real good! I have been doubting about purchasing a pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers for some time now and the decision just got A LOT more difficult. Why? My favourite urban hiphop dude Pharrell Williams is about to launch an incredible new Superstar collection with my favourite urban shoe brand! The reissued version of this iconic sneaker is available in a dazzling 50 (!) different colours, which you can all see below.

To celebrate the launch of this massive collection, Antwerp shoe store Monar invited a few bloggers to pick their favourite colour — I went all YOLO on this one. The cool thing is that they let the bloggers choose their colleagues themselves! The first blogger, Hannes (Club Social) kindly gifted me a pair, and I’ll be more than happy to surprise kick-ass Ruth (The Journey of Ruth) with a pair of these kick-ass sneakers. Monar Antwerp will be selling 70 pairs of these Supercolors from Friday the 27th (find all the event details here, and be quick because stock is limited!), and the entire collection will of course be for sale online as well. Don’t forget to try/buy/order a size up, since they tend to fit rather small. The sneakers retail for a nice €90, which means that you don’t necessarily HAVE to choose between your two favourite colours… Still on my wishlist? The colours Haze, Super Purple and Light Pink! What are your favourites?

supercolor Pharrell W Adidas