Welcome to the revamped Polienne!

And tadaa! I proudly present you POLIENNE 2.0 — or yeah, after all these years and changes this would probably be version 7.0 or so.

When I heard that blog platform Creators Of Desire, which hosted my blog for the past year, would be shutting down later on this month, I felt a slight excitement by the idea of creating a whole new website with a fresh visual approach. That obviously didn’t run super smoothly, as I am by no means a CSS wizard (even understanding simple WordPress plugins took me ages), but in the end I MADE IT and this is the (almost) final result.

Feel free to have a swim in my new eclectic pool of snapshots, music snippets, blogposts, videos and quotes with a very personal Pinterest-like touch.

It might seem chaotic at first, but I feel like you’ll quickly understand and appreciate this organized mess of bits and thoughts. Do have a browse on your phone or tablet as well, because I personally think that the mobile version looks pretty impressive too. You might still discover some small errors here and there, but we’re working on it.

For immediate updates follow POLIENNE on Bloglovin and Instagram, and don’t hesitate to drop me a note about things that you are still missing, things that aren’t working and things you like about the new design. You can also email me funny GIF’s and ugly selfies — always appreciated.

Let’s take the plunge together!


GERMANUS-JANA-PAULIEN-01Photo by the very talented Jana Germanus, make-up by Esther Christiaens