Wednesday wishlist

Hollaaaa! I’m currently finishing up and polishing all the edges of my bachelor thesis, of which the deadline is Friday. You can imagine I’m DROWNING in work, but since I do need a break once in a while I figured I’d write a quick blog post for you guys. Not sure whether writing is the best way to take a break from writing but anyhow… These are some lovely things that are currently on my wishlist! My desired colour scheme for summer is pretty obvious, as well as the return for prints in my closet. The prints I’m talking about should however be minimalistic and neutral in colour as well! Yup, these pieces would make this student prrrretty happy! Back to the cave/library now to write some more about difficult and intelligent sounding literature procedures. See you soooonnn x

MONKI crochet dress . & OTHER STORIES polkadot bikini . CHEAP MONDAY dungaree dress . DIAMANTI PER TUTTI trinity ring . JUST FEMALE maxi dress . & OTHER STORIES scented candle . RAY BAN sunglasses . WHAT FORslippers . & OTHER STORIES polkadot sweatshirt . WEEKDAY bracelet . RAF SIMONS X ADIDAS sneakers