The camel saga continues

I know I claim to have favourite colours and styles and pieces all the time, but THIS TIME it must be true, because camel has literally taken over my Autumn wardrobe. Even though I just got a new camel knit, I couldn’t leave this chunky beauty behind when entering my shopping walhalla, the H&M Trend floor…

Camel simply transforms any piece or outfit into something ultraclassy. Proof? I never wear skinny jeans and denim (boring alert), but this knit makes the entire look so effortless and sophisticated.

Let me know what you think! Sorry for the huge selection of photos, the boyfriend just did a wonderful job 🙂

H&M rust coloured coat & camel knit, WEEKDAY skinny jeans, ZARA loafers, STELLA MCCARTNEY sunglasses, CLUB MANHATTAN earrings

Photos by Daan Schepers