That Belgian weather though

I just CANNOT get used to this cold, rainy and grey weather here in Belgium. Those two weeks in Mexico have completely disordered my Dressing Up For Belgian Weather system, causing me to walk out with either a light Spring jacket that’s way too cold or a huge faux fur for which it’s definitely a few degrees to hot. This outfit was probably the only one in which I felt completely comfortable in this week.

I still think it’s a pretty cool one, this outfit. That tartan blazer must be one of my best buys from over the past few years, because I keep pulling it out of my closet. Fashion week visitors also seem to be sporting it season after season, continuously finding new ways to wear it. So yes, combining it with that cool white Heartbreaker tee and cropped wide trousers was a little Pinterest-inspired idea. My velvet loafers would have looked better with this outfit, but HEY IT’S RAINING OUTSIDE.

Enough about the weather. Let’s check out the outfit .









IMG_3869 MANGO long blue coat (old), ZARA check blazer (old), WEEKDAY trousers & belt, CLOSED c/o heartbreakers tee, CALVIN KLEIN watch, PULL & BEAR bag, NIKE sneakers