Sandy getaway

Since the boyfriend and I already celebrated our holidays back in February (Mexico, I miss u) AND we bought a house this year, we kind of need to save up this Summer. We decided not to book another expensive vacay, but opt for mini getaways and lots of staycation days instead! In my previous post you could…

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Summer sneak peak

Oh hey there, guys! You probably recognize this setting from my last post when I showed you some images from our trip to the zoo. Since the weather was so lovely, we decided to snap some decent outfit pictures as well! Say hello to the very first summer outfit of 2015! It’s funny how awkward…

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A day at the zoo

Hollaaaaa! Here’s me being totally happy in a world of sunshine, milkshakes and baby animals! That’s right, my buddies and I went to the Antwerp Zoo last week! We were about to face an extremely hot Wednesday last week and quickly decided we could definitely schedule a well-deserved thesis break to enjoy the sun. And how much…

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