Jo Malone goodness
Beauty, Home

Even though we’re moving in January and I can’t waaaait to get all of my stuff over to our new house, I still like to make an effort to keep my current apartment cozy. Getting the living room Autumn-proof doesn’t only mean adding orange flower arrangements, soft fuzzy cushions and extra plaids! UK fragrance brand…

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My London Lark

Lark, (n.) a carefree or spirited adventure of frolic. And this adventure taking place in London, Jo Malone’s home base, is the foundation of their new Basil & Neroli fragrance campaign! The brand new fragrance that is being launched in September represents “London at its most fashionably young and fun” and is “quintessentially British, always playful.”…

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London video diary!

At last, my video recap of my 2 day trip to London with fragrance brand Jo Malone! It’s my first vlog ever so I’m PRETTY nervous to share it with you – my awkward levels are going through the roof, as usual. I’m speaking Dutch in the vlog, but no worries, I have added subtitles in English! Let me…

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