Some lost Paris pictures


These lost photos from Paris suddenly turned up on my computer, and now that I am in France (SKI HOLIDAYS WOO) it seemed appropriate to drop them on the blog today. Let me tell you why I hadn’t posted them before! Sometimes photos just don’t turn out as you would have wanted: we only had about 5 minutes to shoot them, and in the end I wasn’t sure about my looks + the evening light was a total mess. Back in September my Lightroom skills weren’t as developed as now, so I never managed to fix them until recently!

Plus, now that I have just unleashed a super long ramble about insecurities and how to get over them, I thought I’d make a fool out of myself for not posting them. SO, because I do really love the outfit and because I have now finally found a way to fix that damn overexposed sky I present to you… my outfit from September 30! Liking it?

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H&M striped top + bag ∙ ZARA pleather skirt ∙ THE FASHION FOLIO FOR SACHA boots
Photos by Nathalie De Schepper, editing by me.