Snow leopard, and 3 year old Timberlands

Given the lack of new outfit photos and time to shoot (I haven’t unpacked any clothes and am keeping busy doing other unnecessary things such as spray painting a toilet bucket gold), here’s a 2017 look that I hadn’t shared before! And there’s snow in the pictures, so how’s that for a throwback!?

Although I’m super ready for Spring to arrive and wouldn’t be too fond of fresh snow, I do feel a bit nostalgic about the moment these photos were shot. Our amazing wellness weekend in the Ardennes had the allure of a luxurious but mostly super cozy ski getaway and that’s exactly how I like it. Playing in the snow during the day, nestling in front of the fire in the evening and taking a dip in the pool at night 🙂

One of the looks that I wore included my beloved vintage leopard faux fur, a pair of slightly flared check pants (sale score, yay!) and these Timberland boots that I found while preparing my closet for my house move. Ehrm, yes. Timberland boots that I’ve had for years but had never actually worn, ever. In my defense: I got them in a style period during which I mostly wore skinny trousers, and I personally feel that these sturdy boots just look a bit cheap when combined with skinny jeans. Now that my love has shifted from skinny to wide, cropped and flared, I discovered that this was the perfect moment to finally pull out the Timbs! Also, snow.

Let me know what you think of the look!

VINTAGE faux fur (found at Episode), H&M cropped check trousers, MDN WOMEN c/o grey blazer, WEEKDAY beanie, TIMBERLAND boots


Photos by Daan Schepers