Sequin Sunday

So far so good for my 2016 resolution of bringing more glitter in my life. Not only have I booked plenty of fun concerts and trips for the Summer to come, I have also been rocking this sequin sweater pretty frequently! How else brighten up a rainy Sunday afternoon in March? Pretend it to be Spring and sport sequins, Levi’s 501 and white sneakers.

You’ve noticed that by now my 501 collection is pretty extensive, but the original model still seems to be my favourite! For some reason these men’s jeans really flatter my hips and behind. This washed version was definitely still missing for the sunny season to come!

How are your resolutions going so far? Still heading to the gym every week? 🙂

IMG_8737 IMG_8775 IMG_8799 IMG_8760 IMG_8811 IMG_8734 IMG_8790 IMG_8768

VINTAGE sequin top & fur coat, LEVI’S 501 men’s denim (shop!), TOSCA BLU bag, ADIDAS sneakers, FRINGE BY A fringes, WEEKDAY scarf, CALVIN KLEIN watch, LE SPECS sunglasses