Roadtrip to Denmark coming up: tips wanted!

Exciting things coming up! On Monday the boyfriend and I are off for a mini roadtrip! And not just a regular road trip… We’ll be driving a motorhome! 🙂 Yeah yeah yeah, “campers are for old people”, blah blah blah — but it’s been our dream for the past year and we seriously can’t wait to chase the most impressive landscapes in our transportable home!

The only question is: where to go? We only have 1 week of holidays and we’ve decided to spend it in Denmark! We were thinking of driving up to Copenhagen and returning through a different route, so if you have any camping or motorhome experience in Denmark: drop me a line!

More than welcome too: your tips on where to find the most impressive cliffs, the best countryside places to visit, hidden secret beaches to go and most delicious coffees to drink! GO!

PS: these road trip shots were taken in Cyprus – a must-visit!

  • Dylana

    Looks beautiful here!


  • Natali

    Awww, lucky you!! I hope to visit Denmark someday, so no useful tips from me… For now. 😀

  • Astrid

    Hey you!

    I’m danish, so i have some tips for you!

    In Copenhagen i would visit Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen (Paper Island). All kinds of nice foods and drinks. It’s closing for good in december, so it is last call! The area around Papirøen is also lovely!

    Then i would rent a bike and discover the city from the bike.

    If you like ice cream you should visit Ismageriet. Best ice cream in Copenhagen!

    If you like castles there are some great ones north from Copenhagen. Kronborg and Frederiksborg castle are both beautiful.

    When you are driving back i would camp at Møns Klint or Stevns Klint – or maybe both! Those are some crazy nature phenomenon and so beautiful.

    This was just some random tips – i hope some of them are useful. There are so much more to see, but i just wrote the first coming to my mind.

    This is a site with tips about copenhagen: Maybe you can use it as well.

    Have a nice trip!!

    • Hi Astrid, thank you for the MANY tips!! We’ll definitely check out Paper Island and Møns Klint, sounds great!

  • Dressed With Soul

    I have only been to Denmark a few times but was impressed by Aalborg, especially the Music Park, and the climate of the port Hirtshals 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Supermooie foto’s! Een campervakantie staat ook bij mij echt heel hoog op de wishlist!

    • Heb het vroeger met mijn ouders al eens gedaan en nu ben ik zò benieuwd hoe het ons zelf gaat afgaan! Lekker cruisennnnn 🙂

  • lucky you!
    hope you have an amazing time!

  • Ray

    Lovely photos! One trip, pack up a trench coat because European weather is full of surprises 🙂

  • Hey Paulien. Denemarken is fantastisch. Ik zou zeker en vast naar Aarhus gaan (2e grootste stad denk ik) en het AROS museum doen of gewoon lekker rondwandelen in de knusse binnenstad. De botanical gardens zijn ook heel leuk om te doen daar. Naar Skagen zou ik ook gaan. Superleuke wandelingen op het strand en je kan daar naar het punt gaan waar de twee zeëen elkaar ontmoeten of op de vuurtoren gaan voor een prachtig uitzicht. Als je nog vragen hebt, ik heb al adressen en zo nog. 😉 Have fun!

    • Hey Nena! Dikke merci, Aarhus staat inderdaad op ons programma! Ben er 1 keertje rond Kerst geweest voor werk en ben zo benieuwd om eens te strollen in de zomer 🙂

  • violette.b

    Hi , I’m french and I go to Copenhagen in July . my best tips are TIVOLI GARDEN it’s a old LUNAPARK in town, so pretty , and LOUISIANA , a great museum of contemporary art in a very pleasant place ,outside of the town but you have a motorhome.
    Don’t forget your raincoat and have a nice trip.

    • Hi Violette, thanks for the tips! Already packed a raincoat, we’ve been warned for Danish Summers 🙂

  • Annette

    Where did you get those pants??