Roadtrip to Denmark coming up: tips wanted!

Exciting things coming up! On Monday the boyfriend and I are off for a mini roadtrip! And not just a regular road trip… We’ll be driving a motorhome! 🙂 Yeah yeah yeah, “campers are for old people”, blah blah blah — but it’s been our dream for the past year and we seriously can’t wait to chase the most impressive landscapes in our transportable home!

The only question is: where to go? We only have 1 week of holidays and we’ve decided to spend it in Denmark! We were thinking of driving up to Copenhagen and returning through a different route, so if you have any camping or motorhome experience in Denmark: drop me a line!

More than welcome too: your tips on where to find the most impressive cliffs, the best countryside places to visit, hidden secret beaches to go and most delicious coffees to drink! GO!

PS: these road trip shots were taken in Cyprus – a must-visit!