Overdosing on Vitamin D

I know how much I’ve been talking about the weather lately (or, always), but LOOK AT THAT SKY! The only way to beat today’s Monday blues is overdosing on some Vitamin D. So that’s why today I’ll be working with my laptop outside to get some much needed sunshine exposure. Not I haven’t had any sunshine the past few days, no, this weekend was absolutely perfect.

On Friday eve the boyfriend and I crashed onto the couch for some Netflix & Chill after a heavy work week, so obviously we also slept in late on Saturday. In the afternoon we headed to his hometown to watch his friends’ soccer game (I’m such a good girlfriend) and have drinks in the sun with his parents (I’m the best girlfriend). At night we had an epic party with all of our best friends, so Sunday was chill day, again. Since temperatures rose up to 17° we spent the afternoon in the park. My sister in law came by with little pug Louis – such a tiny little adorable cutie! Mwah. And obviously we ended our weekend with pizza, Netflix & chill. LIVING THE LIFE.

I hope you had a great weekend as well, and I wish you LOADS of sunshine for today! Oh, and let me know what you think of this relaxed weekend look 🙂

VILA c/o lace longsleeve top, LEVI’S 501 men’s denim, WEEKDAY bomber jacket, TOPSHOP purse, BERSHKA sunglasses, ZARA slides

Photos by Lisa