Nope, I didn’t die in the heatwave last week! My reasons for being MIA are far more obvious: I needed a break. After two extremely intense months of working on my thesis (I passed with a glorious result!) and studying for my final exams, topped off with an exhausting weekend at Rock Werchter, I gave my body and brains some well-deserved rest at the pool. The boyfriend and I opted for a staycation at his family, spending some quality time in the heat with all of our siblings and friends. Now that I’m completely recharged and back in Antwerp, I’m more than ready to kick off my new life. Yup, that’s right, I’m finally graduating this summer! I still need to finish two more exams in August before being thrown into the adult work life, which means that the job hunt is ON. Fingers crossed!

Being back in Antwerp also means shooting outfits again! Do you have troubles as well dressing appropriate for this heatwave? I noticed some signs of sun allergy on my skin this week, so I mostly try to cover up but stay breezy at the same time. This old puff-sleeved blouse from H&M was pretty perfect for the occasion! I paired it with a pair of faux-leather shorts, which was probably not my best move with these temperatures (let’s get sweaty…).

Anyway, digging the outfit? And are you experiencing the same grown-up-anxiety being an ex-student?


H&M blouse, unknown shorts, COACH bag, POLETTE c/o sunglasses, MARUTI c/o sandals via Omoda // Photos by Wannes Riemis