My new beauty travel musthave

If I were an A-list jet setting celebrity crossing the world on a daily basis I too would probably spend all of my bucks on a private chef cook, a huge team of gym instructors and about twelve personal assistants to handle the stress of replying emails, all of this in order to save my skin and look absolutely glorious and energized 24/7 even without make-up. But let’s face the facts: us girls have to get that natural glow from elsewhere, preferably something more easy and affordable.


A little miracle product I discovered when Estée Lauder and I started our collaboration is this Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Mask Boost. Miracle might sound a bit exaggerated, but the truth is that this little tube has become a very good friend of mine over the weeks. I usually carry it around in my purse and apply a small amount on my face and neck for an energizing skin boost in the afternoon. Healthy and glowy face in two seconds: works like a charm!

This little friend turned out even more handy on my flight to Marrakech! Air conditioning and a serious lack of water (no way I’m using those airplane toilets more than once per flight) can be exhaustive, dehydrating and damaging for your skin. As a result I usually walk around with pimples and dried out lips for days. This time I came prepared and brought my mask, which made for an ideal hand luggage companion with its 75ml tube. After a 3,5h flight I walked to passport control feeling fresh-faced, excited and ready to hit those holidays. Eat that, Gwyneth Paltrow!

FILIPPA K shirt ∙ TITTO FASHION c/o bracelet ∙ ESTEE LAUDER Revitalizing Supreme Mask