My holy hair grails

On one of of my last Instagram posts I received a lot of comments about my hair and if I would share a little tutorial with you guys. By now you know that I’m no beauty queen, but I do have a few products that I have been using religiously lately. Read along!


Balmain Hair texturizing volume spray

“Are you bringing your Balmain?”, is a text I frequently receive from my girlfriends before going out in the weekend. Since I only try to wash my hair once a week, I often reach for my dry shampoo. And since my hair tends to be quite heavy and flat, I’m also a huge sea salt spray lover. This texturizing volume spray is the number one reason that I called this post holy hair grails: it’s a fantastic mix between dry shampoo and sea salt spray that revitalizes and texturizes the hair, and gives your roots an instant volume boost. Since your locks don’t get sticky or greasy, it’s perfect for daily use. It’s definitely a keeper!


Balmain Hair infrared blowdryer

This blowdryer is one crazy piece of technology. Balmain opted for an infrared blowdryer, since the heat of regular blowdryer can be very damaging to your hair. To quote Balmain,

The infrared heat penetrates deep into the cortex of the hair and dries it from within which minimizes the risk of hair damage and reduces drying time by 35%. The infrared light will also contribute to a healthy blood circulation and reduce hair loss. The hydrating and conditioning action of the ions keep the hair healthy, moisturized, shiny and frizz-free.

This is the first blowdryer that I’m not afraid of to use on a daily base, since my hair does look very happy and healthy afterwards. And how pretty is that matt finish? It doesn’t get any more fashionable you guys.



Bioderma Nodé P volume shampoo

I’m extremely picky about my shampoos. My hair is basically so healthy that conditioners and stuff often make my locks even more soft and flat, so I used to opt for shampoos containing salt and sulphates. Hence the dry shampoo! Yes, these salt shampoos made my hair a tiny bit drier (more texture!), but unfortunately my scalp became greasier and flaky. My latest solution: a calming dandruff shampoo that gives loads of volume. Digging it.


Et voilà, that’s basically how I keep my hair healthy and happy! Are you familiar with one of these products? What’s your holy hair grail?