My Christmas wishlist

Last week I received an email from my mum asking for my Christmas wishlist. Oh no, not again… Setting up such a gift wishlist is always a huge struggle for me! If I want something really bad, I’ll most likely just buy it myself. And the things that I’m really dreaming of, are pretty expensive most of the time (*cough* designer bags *cough*). But this year I decided to do my very best to help out mum, so I searched the entire interwebz for things I might like to discover underneath the tree. And believe me, the interwebz is pretty huge.

I collected lots of home interior pieces, jewellery, tech items, a few fashion accessories and even some pieces of clothing — although I own way too many of those already. Hopefully you’ll gather some inspiration for your own Christmas wishlist or maybe to gift your Secret Santa lucky one!

What’s on your Christmas wishlist? If you need even more inspiration, find my full wishlist on my Pinterest page right here!


  1. ZARA star shirt
  2. ANNA + NINA / ANNA NOOSHIN wishbone necklace
  3. JUTTU plant stand
  4. H&M HOME pine scent candle
  5. STEEN & BEEN framed insects
  6. LOVE STORIES bikini top & briefs
  7. H&M HOME reindeer wine cork
  8. ASOS belt
  9. ZARA handbag
  10. ANNA + NINA egg cup
  11. KODAK instant photo printer
  12. WEEKDAY glitter top
  13. H&M earrings
  14. H&M HOME faux fur plaid
  15. WONEN MET LEF insect poster
  16. H&M HOME polkadot rug
  17. UNKNOWN cactus
  18. H&M HOME salad spoons
  19. URBAN OUTFITTERS iPhone lens kit
  20. WONEN MET LEF wooden bench