My 5 Favourite Spring 2014 Outfits

Hey guys! Since it’s Thursday I decided to hop on the Instagram train and do an oldschool #throwbackthursday! Many of you might not be following me for a long time, so I figured that sharing some old outfits and my ‘old’ style would be pretty fun. (Oh yeah, did you know I had a short half blonde bob last year?!) For those who are reading my blog for a while already: let’s get nostalgic! My style has changed a lot over the past year, but I managed to gather 5 favourite spring outfits from 2014 that I would love to pull out again in 2015.

The first one up there reminds me that my camel coat was most definitely one of my best buys ever, whilst the second one prompts me to wear that pretty Isabel dress again. That French-inspired look is still one of my favourites, but I do really need to find new ways to integrate that bloody gorgeous Mulberry bag in my outfits. Last but not least: my number one spring-to-summer-transitioning look is still my trusty old boyfriend denim, a breezy knit and a pair of sandals. Yup, taking note! What’s your favourite look? Let me know in the comments!