• Charlotte

    I personally loved your hair at this length and was kind of disappointed when you decided to grow it out again.
    So I’m hoping enough people can convince you to chop it 😉

    • Haha thanks Charlotte! It was a real favourite of mine too, so that’s why I’m considering going back 🙂

  • Lore Quintelier

    Ik zeg ook yes! Heb de indruk dat je het toen veel vaker los liet. En dat er meer volume in zat. Doen 🙂

  • natalie

    suits you so well

  • Having had every length of hair GUESS WHAT ? It grows darling !
    Dress The Part

    • Haha I know, I’ve had several lengths as well and I like to switch up now and then! But I saved up so long for this length that I’m not sure whether maybe I should enjoy it just a little longer or just chop it again…

  • Janice Lim

    Where did you get your coloring done?
    Lob suits you better! That’s how i came across your blog because of the long lob you had!

    • I have my natural colour on all photos actually, it just depends on the amount of sunshine! 🙂 And thanks, that’s cool to read!