Late night ramble about that bomber jacket


You guys, here I am, crammed in front of my laptop in full Gollum-style (see my face on the preceding picture + add four extra pairs of bags under the eyes and a slightly more creepy stare) at 01h12 AM after finishing a huge translation assignment on Renaissance theatre. I should probably have gone straight to bed since I have class tomorrow morning but I was too excited to finally share these pictures with you…

My brother and I went out for a quick shoot to test out his new lens (LOVE) and show off my new bomber jacket! You have already seen it in my H&M Modern Classics shoot earlier this month, and I’m happy to announce that is is available in the premium stores in Antwerp and Brussels from today! For this look I paired with quite a few casual items, but I think it would look lovely on a chic jumpsuit or maxi dress as well. I can’t wait to wear it with some destroyed denim shorts in summer too! Any thoughts? Was it one of your favourite pieces from the collection too?

It’s 01h29 already, so time to go! Goodnight and goodmorning guys, I hope you have a lovely Friday xx

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H&M Modern Classics bomber jacket ∙ HUDSON c/o black denim ∙ ZARA striped longsleeve
NIKE Air Force 1 sneakers ∙ H&M furry hat ∙ CHLOE Paraty bag
Photos by Wannes Riemis