Last snow and that blue scarf again


One last post full of snow! After a few days of pointlessly waiting for some sunshine I decided to go out anyway and take some pictures in between two snowstorms. The fun thing with shooting outfits on ski holidays is that it doesn’t even matter where you snap the photos because the white surroundings just always look good. Yey for that! So even without one of my usual photographers around I managed to capture one of my post-ski outfits of the week. With yet again featured: that gorgeous wool and cashmere COS scarf, that to my delight perfectly matches my LN Beanies beanie! You know that magical feeling when a new favourite piece accidentally suits one of your older favourite items? Bliss.

Aight friends, I’d better stop writing now because apparently all of my creative skills have now entirely vanished due to the most busiest week ever writing for my thesis. I hope you’ll have a wonderful Sunday! See ya laterz alligatorz.

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COS wool cardigan + scarf + turtleneck knit ∙ LN BEANIES c/o beanie
H&M ripped jeggings ∙ COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS c/o snowboots