Knots, dots and hotspots

Playing a tourist in your own city is the perfect way to spend a bank holiday, don’t you think? Lisa and I were wandering through the sunny streets of Antwerp and bumped into the Vlaeykensgang, the oldest medieval street of the entire city! Since we were captivated by the old, super cozy, almost South-French vibe (and since the tourist rate was surprisingly low!), we decided to pay a hommage to our home town and capture the street as an idyllic background for this summer outfit. Yep, make sure to pay this hotspot a visit whenever you’re in Antwerp!

A quick note on the outfit then: I’m wearing two major favourites for the season to come! The DIY “shirt skirt” is something I never thought I could pull off, since I’m usually Mrs. Clumsy when it comes to knotting, tying or DIY-ing in general. My perfect solution is the readymade shirt skirt! So basically it’s not a shirt; just a skirt looking like a shirt… This shit is getting confusing. Anyway, Gant did a pretty good job designing these in a realistic and flattering way! Next up are those ah-mazing What For slippers/creepers/flatform-things! They are awkward, lumpish, man-repelling and totally awesome. What do you think? Digging the outfit as well? (Hoping for those warm temperatures again as well?)


ZARA cashmere, GANT c/o shirt skirt, COACH bag
CELINE sunglasses, WHAT FOR c/o slippers
Photos by Lisa M., editing by me.