What I saved on Instagram lately

Coming from a little poll I held on Instagram the other day, you guys are definitely curious to see what Instagram accounts I follow for daily inspiration. So let’s start with a new little series in which I share my latest IG saves!

I mainly save Instagram photos for business purposes: that means that I use this inspiration to set the mood and create my own imagery for my social channels! Sometimes I do save personal outfit inspiration as well, but the entire photo has to be attractive to me. Good outfits in boring photos aren’t as interesting to me; I’d rather opt for a boring outfit in a good photo 🙂

Here’s a little selection of 10 images that I saved in my “Pose” and “Inspiration” maps lately! I think you can tell I’m slowly getting into an Autumn mood already…

  1. by @mija_mija
  2. by @parkncube
  3. by @lenalademann
  4. by @trulylaur
  5. by @alwaysjudging
  6. by @loudmilla
  7. by @alwaysjudging
  8. by @meganadelaide
  9. by @eleonoracarisi
  10. by @stephaniebroek


Et voila! Are these accounts that you were following already? Or have you discovered some new gems?