Hair musings: all about those bangs

First of all: YEEHAA, I finished my last exam earlier this week! Assuming that I totally passed, I will finally graduate next month and I can add my Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics (Dutch/English) to my curriculum vitae. Now that exams are over, I can focus on blogging and being creative again, which I have missed so much. In 2016 I’ll definitely try to do post more frequently and more elaborately, and I’ll be announcing some real cool collaborations for this season too. Exciting times you guys!

But today’s blogpost is about something different, something that I’ve been contemplating for quite a few months now. When I was a teenager my signature hairstyle used to be long side-bangs, and now that my bestie Robin has had a gorgeous 70s fringe for a while, I’ve been tempted to change my look too…

So, here’s the question: to fringe or not to fringe? Find my inspiration below, and discover a photo of me with bangs from YEARS ago too!