From gym to office and back with Zalando

Over the years my style has slowly but surely been evolving from girly to a more sporty vibe. The ones amongst you that have been reading my blog from the beginning must remember the days in which I would only leave the house wearing a frilly skirt and high heels, right? Those days are definitely over now: you can make me happy with ANY flat shoe and I would probably rather go to the supermarket in trackpants than in a floral dress.

I mean, why not? Every one of us who has ever tried starting a decent gym routine has all the necessary stuff in their wardrobe. We don’t have to go back to the eighties (thank god, I wouldn’t exactly rock leg warmers) but why not try and incorporate these sporty pieces in our existing wardrobe? Things can get really interesting when you blend in two different worlds…

That’s what Zalando‘s new campaign is all about: the webshop wants to encourage you to adopt a sporty and healthy lifestyle and of course be your number one destination to get your fashionable fit look. So, I’d suggest you discover the Get active for Spring campaign (featuring model of the year 2015 Anna Ewers!) right now, and let me know if you would rock a hoodie to work yourself!



STELLA MCCARTNEY X ADIDAS hoodie, WALLIS shirt, BOSS ORANGE pleather pants, WHISTLES sneakers, MATT & NAT leather backpack – all by Zalando

Photos by Leleulioni