Dining room inspiration

Lots of things have changed since my friend and I moved into our Antwerp apartment back in May! If you’re following me on Instagram (or ore specifically my stories) you’ve probably seen a few parts of my apartment passing by. We’ve created a super cozy living room with lots of vintage and boho elements, have drastically upgraded our workspace and took care of lots of storage in our tiny bathroom. The decoration process of my own bedroom is almost finished and I think I’ve stocked up on candles to last at least three Winters. If you’re curious about my apartment, you can find some photos here and right below!

BUT there is one space in our apartment that we haven’t covered yet. We had a clear vision on what we wanted to do with our different rooms, but the kitchen left us completely clueless. This is the the only room with a few hints of colour, in opposite to the rest of our totally white apartment. The kitchen cabinets have this cool 60s dark green colour, we have a stunning, black marble hearth and the floor is the same wood parquet as the rest of the flat. Beautiful, but difficult!

This week I’ve decided to finally get cracking with decorating our kitchen, so I started pinning right away! I’m thinking of a black marble dining table, a large bohemian carpet and lots of brass elements… These styles and colour palettes inspired me!










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