Closing festival season with a Pukkelpop recap

Wait, WHAT?! How did Summer pass by so quickly? I know I just wrote about slowly transitioning my wardrobe to Autumn, but I just now realized that with Summer, festival season is officially over too. And before outdoor partying is fully traded for cozy indoor bar nights, I still really wanted to share my Pukkelpop experience with you guys!

Regarding festivals, I have an all or nothing mindset. I prefer going for the full package instead of just one or two days, but unfortunately I had too much work to attend the full Pukkelpop festival so I intended to skip the entire thing. However, Aperol Spritz was so kind to offer me a Saturday pass so I could still get at least some of the good party vibes! And when on Thursday evening I got hold of a cheaper Friday ticket, I jumped on the train after work in the afternoon to surprise the boyfriend & friends.

And that’s how good festivals kick off!

I usually have this endless list of bands and DJ’s I want to see perform, but since the whole thing happened so unexpectedly, I went with the flow for once. That also implies: discovering new stuff! I watched a super unexpected show by Sampha (there’s SO much more than Like The Piano!!), was very impressed by the live skills of Bad Bad Not Good and obviously danced my legs off at Paul Kalkbrenner.

In between all of the dancing, I took all of my friends to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (scroll down a bit for the photo!), the Aperol Spritz booth, to recharge with a fresh sip. I just love it when my drink matches the sunset. Yum!

My friends and I had a total blast, and Pukkelpop definitely was the best choice to end festival season. Read my other festival experiences right here!


PS: oh, and I just realized that I’m a big fat liar. There’s still ONE festival coming up [something super cool] but I can’t tell you anything yet… Keep an eye on my blog!

Written in collaboration with Aperol Spritz