Battle of the mascaras

Although I am by no means a beauty expert, beauty brands often send me products to try out and review. Maybe it’s their way of saying I should pay more attention to my make-up routine, and it’s WORKING. This month seems to be all about the mascaras, since I received no less than 3 different ones to try out. And why not share this experience with you guys?

Let the battle begin! The 3 mascaras I’m reviewing today are:

  1. Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara
  2. Estée Lauder Sumptuous Knockout
  3. Clinique Chubby Lash

mascara mascara1

Let’s check out some visual results then! Here’s a pic of my lashes WITHOUT any mascara. They are pretty stiff and have no volume or length at all, so I definitely need a splash of mascara to make eyes more open and bright. Also, I can’t do without my lash curler!



Bobbi Brown

Let’s kick off with the Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara that promises high-drama volume and high-impact curl for, obviously, the ultimate eye opening effect. This is probably not the best photo to represent the effect, because in real life my lashes look a more dramatic! After a few hours there’s a bit of flaking going on, but the volume really stays all day.

I personally love the bold and intense look that goes with thick lashes, so I don’t mind them sticking together a bit. Yup, I’m a fan!

The Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara retails for €28,50.



Estée Lauder

Next up: the Estée Lauder Sumptuous Knockout mascara, which should be defining, lifting and fanning for maximum impact. The name of the mascara and these words sound very promising, but I have to admit that the results are slightly disappointing to me. My lashes don’t really seem to get loads of volume and I’m also missing an ink-black intensity.

I do however need to point out that the mascara is meant for “everyone, anyone but especially for fine sparse lashes”, a description that doesn’t match my lashes at all. So maybe this mascara is just not strong enough to handle my stubborn lashes, but might be perfect for you.

The Sumptuous Knockout mascara retails for €30,52.



Last but not least is the Clinique Chubby Lash mascara. This mascara should be a “lasting, lash-volumizing mascara that lusciously plumps up lashes without weighing them down.” Agreed! Great volume and separation, and no clumping or smudging to be seen.

The cool thing with this mascara is that it comes in different colours that enhance your own natural eye colour! I mean, look at my grey-ish eyes shine bright because of the intense blue colour Two Ton Teal. The lightning is of course different, but still, I promise you that my eyes do look a lot more blue when wearing this mascara. In my opinion this is a great Spring and Summer mascara: light and bright.

The Clinique Chubby Lash mascara retails for €20,60.



My favorite? I currently can’t stop wearing the Bobbi Brown mascara, but I’m sure that during the first Spring days I will happily switch to the lightness of the Clinique one. The price is just great too! Have you tried one of these before?