Back to the 70s


My favourite spring trend of 2015? The swinging seventies! Although every era does have its charms, I personally never would have thought I would be into the decades of large flower prints, lava lamps and platform shoes. Don’t worry guys, there won’t be glittery shirts or loose satin pants in my future outfits! The lava lamps can be considered…

So what can you expect? I love it when trends come back in different ways over the years, and I will definitely be transitioning the seventies flared jeans, floppy hats and unbuttoned shirts into my own spring wardrobe! Two of these pieces I’m wearing here, the large cardigan and stripe shirt, are probably my best January sale picks that I’ve been wearing to death so far, plus they perfectly fit the seventies vibe I’m loving right now. Score!

What’s your favourite spring trend? And would you introduce some seventies into your closet? Shoot!

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ZARA cardigan + floppy hat + ankle boots ∙ H&M TREND striped shirt ∙ H&M jeggings ∙ COACH bag
Photos by Dogs & Dresses