Welcome to the revamped Polienne!

And tadaa! I proudly present you POLIENNE 2.0 — or yeah, after all these years and changes this would probably be version 7.0 or so. When I heard that blog platform Creators Of Desire, which hosted my blog for the past year, would be shutting down later on this month, I felt a slight excitement by the idea of…

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Faux fur in Berlin

As you know, my besties and I went on a little trip to Berlin two weeks ago! I had been there plenty of times for work but this was the first time that I could finally actually visit the city. The main purposes of our trips were a) a pretty awesome Hurts concert and b) chilling to…

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RW15 – the aftermovie!

Well helloooo guys! You’ve already seen a short photo diary of my Rock Werchter adventures but now it’s time for the real deal. For 4 days I carried my little camera along to make a little video! Since it’s my very first video ever (no talking yet, gotta get over my own voice!) my editing…

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