An affordable alternative


For several years now, I have a soft spot for these Balenciaga buckle boots. I know that they’re seriously overhyped and that basically every chick you come across on Pinterest wears them, and I would NEVER spend over €800 for a pair of shoes. (Probably not even over €300, but anyways.) Although I am by no means someone who likes to wear rip off pieces, the insane price of these buckled beauties almost encourages one to consider alternatives.

And this weekend I bumped into one of the best alternatives I’ve come across so far: these River Island cut-out boots. Cleary inspired by the Balenciaga ones but with a few altered details such as the buckles itself. They retail at €60 but are currently in serious discount on the webshop: you can shop them for only €25.

So here’s a little tip from one cheapskate to another: shop your cut out buckle boots at River Island – now for €25 instead of €60!