An adventurous Disneyland look

And Disneyland outfit number two! My first look (check it out right here) was pretty fashionable to wear to a theme park, BUT it was definitely practical too. Think hidden thermal underwear, an extra pair of tights underneath my pants and huge pockets to hide my gloves while riding a rollercoaster. And when looking up close to this outfit, you’ll discover the same kind of tricks.

Since the fishnet trend is still going strong and temperatures are still below zero, I’m hopping on the trend train too. A pair of fishnet tights plus my fave glitter socks underneath my Levi’s denim kept me warm and cool. (See what I did there?) Same thermal underwear, same huge faux fur and the happy Disney face were all I needed to survive the cold!

And of course, this animal coat called for an exotic background – hence Disney’s Adventureland setting. My fave Adventureland attraction, Pirates Of The Caribbean, is currently closed for renovation but that doesn’t make the area less pretty to wander through.










EPISODE vintage faux fur leopard coat, H&M knit & glitter socks, LEVI’S cut off 501 denim, ADIDAS vintage sneakers, PULL& BEAR bag, MONKI knit

With special thanks to Disneyland Paris!