A new direction for Polienne!

Hi guys! Today marks a huge day for Polienne. I’m happy to announce that from now on I’ll be a part of the Creators of Desire team. Both Creators of Desire and Polienne have undergone a massive make-over, resulting in an inspiring platform for young ladies like you!

I sincerely hope that my loyal readers will celebrate this new direction with me, and that you will also enjoy the posts of my partners in crime Anouk, Lian and fashion editor Suzanne. So just to make sure: all of my posts will stay the same, you will just have about 10 times more inspiration! Happy dance!

For the ones who don’t know me: I am Paulien, a 23 year old literature graduate and model from Belgium. I live in Antwerp with my boyfriend and like all things minimalistic chic with a tomboy touch. I have been blogging for almost 6 years now, so I think that the best way to get to know me is to just scroll through my previous 2015 posts! If you’d like to see some older outfits: I have gathered them on my Facebook page since 2009. Do enjoy 😉

I prefer writing in English, so you’ll see a summary of my English posts on the Dutch part of the website. See you very soon here on the new Polienne!