3 summer trends you should definitely try

Tied up-1

1. Tied up
Hey guys! Since I’m having a super lazy Sunday I figured that sharing some inspiration would be the most productive thing possible today! I collected my 3 favorite summer trends for you, including examples and tips on where to shop! Trend number one: gladiator sandals. The super elegant version, that is. The stores are flooded with this updated version of the ancient shoes, and although I didn’t expect myself to, I do love them! Do watch out for the so-called sausage-effect…

Off Shoulder-1

2. Off-shouldered
The second trend that I’m loving this summer has already made two appearances on the blog: off-shouldered pieces! Not exactly the most practical thing when you’re gifted with a D-cup but well, I don’t really mind when a subtle bra tie is peeping out, so NO PROBLEM. These ladies all managed to wear this quite boho-inspired trend in a very fresh and minimalistic way: right up my alley! Can I have all the striped versions please?


3. Oversized
Probably my favourite trend one of the season ever… the bigger, the better! If you’re a regular reader of my blog, this one comes as no surprise. In my last post you could find the perfect example of a piece that I wear on a daily base. I am however really coveting these glorious outfits as well, especially those in white… The hunt is ON!
Any favorites? Have you tried to incorporate a new hot trend in your wardrobe so far this summer? Find more inspiration and all sources of these photos right here!