3 holiday looks for 3 different occasions

Hi ladies! Only one day left before Christmas and if you are anything like me, you have probably tried on about 15 outfits already for tomorrow’s dinner but still haven’t found the perfect look. Since I often suffer from this indecisiveness myself, I decided to make a mini inspiration guide for 3 different occasions: the girlfriend dinner, the New Year’s Reception and the real deal. For these occasions I chose 3 entirely different outfits that I paired with 3 lovely bags from Coach. Read along and get inspired…

The Girlfriend Dinner

My favourite dresscode applies to holiday celebrations with your besties: they’ll love you in anything, so why not experiment a bit? Do try out that one fashion trend you’d probably never wear in front of your grandparents. In my case, I finally wore my over-knee boots without tights! The classy dress ensures that the ensemble doesn’t get TOO sexy, while the big bag adds a casual touch. My dream coat for this outfit? A badass Rihanna-worthy faux fur.

FILIPPA K dress, RIVER ISLAND over-knee boots, COACH bag (SS16)






The New Year’s Reception

Want to win over your boss’ heart and finally get that promotion at the annual New Year’s reception? You’ll want to look fabulous, effortless and extremely sophisticated. Don’t opt for a girly dress this time, but go for office chic with a super sexy touch: think leather pants or sky high snake heels! Finish the outfit with a smart black bag that shows you don’t need to drag along half of your apartment in order to feel comfortable.

GOOD GENES shirt, ESPRIT pleather pants, STEVE MADDEN heels, COACH bag





The Real Deal

When you feel REALLY comfortable (probably when you’re around your family or family-in-law), you can go all the way with the holidays. By now everyone expects me to show up way too overdressed at Christmas parties; they know I just enjoy it too much. So for this one I threw together a leopard print, a maxi dress and a gorgeous metallic Swagger bag. I opted for a wild hairdo, because more is more — but only for these special kind of occasions!

BA&SH maxi dress, COACH Swagger bag




So, have I maybe inspired you for your Christmas outfit tonight or tomorrow? And what’s your favourite Coach bag featured here? Tell me about your outfit in the comments, because honestly: I still haven’t decided what to wear…

Photos by Lisa M.

This article was created in collaboration with Coach

  • Natali

    Last outfit is my ultimate favourite, perfectly styled and so feminine!


  • De tweede outfit is mijn favoriet! Zo stijlvol en ik ben echt verliefd op die schoenen. xxx

  • I adore these looks, and the second Coach bag. I can definitely relate with “the real deal.” I’m opting for a bold maxi dress, because I can’t let everyone down if I don’t overdress. It’s fun. Merry Christmas!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  • 3x wauw, maar als ik dan toch moet kiezen is nummer 1 echt dubbel wauw. De tas maakt het echt af. Om je vraag te beantwoorden: I have no freaking clue. xx

  • De tweede look is echt mijn favoriet! Staat je super goed en dat tasje is echt prachtig! X

  • Loved all the looks! Merry Christmas!