3 days of Detox Delight


Behold, my friends. This food-loving, pasta-eating, chocolate-munching cookie monster has tried out something pretty extraordinary last week! La Pielaun tested the Juice & Soup Detox from German brand Detox Delight to review it here on the blog. The concept is pretty straightforward: it is about purifying your body when you’ve been exposed to too much sugar, coffee, alcohol, not getting enough exercise et cetera. Think exams, the holiday period or maybe even your regular life! With this detox you help your body cleansing itself to enhance its vitality, balance, and spirit. Detox Delight used these principles to develop a detox approach that is “effective, easily digestible, suitable for our modern lifestyle and delightful at the same time.” Sounds good? Read more about their philosophy here!
The use is very easy: you select the kind of detox you want to do, the amount of days you want to purify and the day you want your detox to be delivered. Unfortunately the delivery cost is pretty high for Belgium, but that’s because they work with a private courier and have to send the cooled package overnight. Now, I guess that you are curious for my experiences? Read along!
Day 1

09.00 – My detox box got delivered right in time! I received a huge box with all of the bottles safely stored in between cooling elements. First thoughts on the packaging: gorgeous!

12.00 – Oops, did I really fall asleep again and sleep until noon?! I guess the heavy and tiring week before had something to do with this. I also blame my 15h class, which always makes me feel like not being capable to do anything useful before that time. Ah, the student life! Anyway, I downed my first juice way too late, which caused a serious delay in my further schedule. This ‘downing’ took me quite some time by the way: I found the lemonade juice (apple, filtered water, lemon) quite sour to drink on a sober stomach.

15.00 – Since I had spent about an hour on my first juice, I took my second one to class and had to start drinking it before I even got hungry. It was pretty delicious (apple, carrot, orange, fennel) and filled me up quite well! No serious concentration issues so far, even though my class was rather boring. My bladder did start sending warning signals at this point. After the second juice and half a liter of water I had a feeling the toilet was going to be a good friend of mine.

17.00 – Right after getting home from class I had my third juice with apple, carrot, orange, pear, beetroot, lemon and ginger. Although I’m not a huge beetroot fan, this juice was utterly delicious! I did start having troubles with drinking water together with this large amount of fruits; normally not one of my favourite combinations.

20.00 – My boyfriend and I are used to eating quite late, so in that respect I was lucky that I started my detox so late in the morning. I still had to finish my 4th juice before I could indulge in that delicious looking vegan soup though, but since I didn’t feel like watching my boyfriend eating home-made goulash while I would be sipping on something green and fluid, I switched up the two. Soup it was! The thai flavours of carrot, lemongrass, onion, coconut water, coconut flakes, curry, himalayan salt and black pepper were right up my alley. I would totally eat this in real life! With a large piece of bread though.

22.00 – You’re probably not allowed to eat anything this late, but I still wanted to finish my last juice in order to completely fulfill the program. This green juice contained green apple, cucumber, pineapple, romaine lettuce and lime. After dinner I started feeling quite tired, but I’m not sure if it had to do with the juices or the fact that I had been behind my computer screen for a couple of hours. No real headaches or other side effects so far!


Day 2

10.00 – I had quite some trouble finishing my first juice on day 2. I found it way too sour on an empty stomach and only half-emptied the bottle.

12.00 – Soooo, an unexpected but important lunch meeting came up today, so I had to be creative and find a way to adapt this meeting to my schedule. Luckily we agreed to meet up at a bio lunch place, where they offer loads of vegan juices and soups too. I decided to make the best out of it and opted for an energizing sweet-spicy green soup and ignored the delicious-looking crackers that came with it. Now, I did switch my regular soup in the evening with this one, so I planned the juice for the evening. I also had a fresh mint tea!

14.30 – Chit-chatting for a few hours definitely helps with not feeling hungry, I’ll tell you that. I had TONS of energy but unfortunately I had to work on a school assignment. Luckily my focus was pretty strong too.

17.00 – Ok, the beetroot juice tasted a bit less good than the day before, so my first enthusiasm might have been due some surprise about the juice not being totally AWFUL.

20.00 – In the evening I opted for the emergency option and cheated on a handful of cashew nuts. Not because I was feeling hungry, but because I was about to meet up with my best gym friend for a heaving exercise session. You are advised to avoid any heavy activity during the detox, but since my energy levels were so high I really really wanted to go. We did a 1,5h full body work out and guess what… I didn’t feel a thing. No troubles at all. I was amazed!

21.30 – You’re probably not supposed to have a juice this late in the evening, but I really wanted to finish my schedule despite my rearranging today. Hey, even busy people can detox! I ended this day without a single moment of headaches or feeling tired.


Day 3

08.30 – This was going to be the big test: I had an early class today so I just brought my juice along with me. This lemonade thing is definitely not for me, by the way. I was very afraid I would be hungry for the very first time now, but nope, no weird sounds from my belly were heard. This might be caused by the fact that I can’t exactly down an entire bottle in a few minutes, so it took me about two hours to down an entire juice sip by sip.

10.30 – Okay, a few hours later I did start feeling hungry but when I brought out my favourite carrot juice, the feeling quickly faded. Nomnomnomnom. Oh, don’t forget to bring some mints at this stage, because otherwise your friends might complain about a weird chronic carrot scent coming from your mouth.

12.30 – The beetroot juice clearly tasted less better than the first two days, but I still managed to drink the entire juice without feeling totally disgusted or whatsoever. Yes!

17.00 – I felt so full after drinking my previous juices that I didn’t manage to empty my last green juice. Or maybe the perspective of ending my detox soon had to do something with it?

19.00 – In the evening I was expected at a very cool and exclusive event but… I might had forgotten that there was a dinner included. With real food. The weird thing was that I didn’t feel like cheating AT ALL: I almost want to skip the entire dinner, but that would have been pretty rude. Keeping that dedication in mind, I skipped the deliciously looking bread, the wine, the champagne and most of the carbs. I had fish, fresh vegetables and a tiny amount of sauce. Chewing felt pretty good, by the way. But things went pretty wrong when the dessert came: CHOCOLATE CREME BRULEE. Yup, I downed the entire plate and didn’t feel guilty for a second! I did feel extremely bloated…



On the last day Detox Delight sent me an email with instructions and advices to phase out. Nope, the detox doesn’t end after 3 days! Your body needs to adapt to the diet you have been following and will be following from then on. The advice includes loads of fresh fruits, steamed vegetables, brown rice or quinoa, soup and natural infusions. After 3 days of phasing out you’re allowed to go back to normal food again, but hopefully you have learned to include extra healthy options in your usual routine! And don’t forget to drink loads of water!

Now, I ended up with two vegan soups left in the fridge, so I obviously had these as a lunch in the following days. I also had a smoothie for breakfast and prepared zucchini with quinoa and tomatoes in the evening. Everything went pretty great, until I was expected for brunch at my parents’ during the weekend, where I couldn’t resist some good old pastries. I managed to ban alcohol, red meat and tea/coffee out of my menu for the next days but definitely did indulge in some carbs. Omnomnomnom, sushi….

In the end I feel VERY happy to have tried out this detox, as I think that for me it would be the perfect preparation for an important shooting: no bloated belly, a very radiant skin and TONS of energy! Everything a model is looking for, right? What do you think? Have you detoxed before? Discover more about Detox Delight right here.