2014 throwback / Paris

I got back from Mexico only this very morning, but since I didn’t get any sleep on the plane, I decided to extend my office break a little bit. That kind of means means: nothing Mexico-related to share yet! YET. However, I can always look back, like I did here and here in the past two weeks.

In today’s throwback episode we’re zooming in closer on my fabulous haircut and that red Maje jacket “I never wear”, as I claimed in my earlier post. Now that I think about it, I don’t wear it a lot on random weekdays, but I do pull it out of my closet for specific cool occasions. This particular occasion was a trip to Paris for an important photoshoot with Stradivarius! And in my fashion book, Paris means red, stripes and a fedora hat. And Céline sunglasses, yes. When I think about this look now, the result is more than satisfying to me – especially with those short ombré blonde locks!

What do you think?







Photos & outfit from 2014