17 Summer dresses needed in my closet

Ah, another bank holiday. Don’t you just love these Summer months? 🙂 Are you guys as happy as I was to finally sport some breezy outfits the past few weeks? I did found out that, although I do of course have plenty of clothes, my collection of Summer dresses has only shrunk throughout the years. Time for a little update, maybe? I decided to head out to my fave place (the internet) for some research on what’s going on in Summer Dress Land. And THEN I discovered something.

WHY has nobody told me that Mango is now for sale at Zalando?! They carry the entire collection for the same prices, AND offer the usual free shipping — in contrary to the Mango webshop. I started clicking like crazy and ended with 17 Summer dresses I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet!

Of course I don’t need all 17 of them, but the choice is quite hard… What’s your favourite? I’m thinking the yellow maxi dress, the striped blouse dresses and that pretty short red one.


  1. Yellow maxi dress €99,99
  2. White off shoulder dress €29,99
  3. Floral maxi dress €69,99
  4. Short red ruched dress €35,99
  5. Striped off shoulder dress €49,99
  6. Printed blouse dress €39,99
  7. Blue halter neck dress €39,99
  8. Floral midi dress €59,99
  9. Orange halter neck dress €69,99
  10. Black off shoulder dress €49,99
  11. Wide sleeved floral dress €39,99
  12. Off shoulder striped blouse dress €49,99
  13. Red check dress €59,99
  14. Striped maxi blouse dress €69,99
  15. Structured kaki dress €69,99
  16. Off white frilly dress €35,99
  17. Orange corset dress €49,99

Happy shopping to you too 😉