Checking out Emma Bale’s closet!

Yey! For my latest episode of Inside Out(fit) I stopped by a super cool chick I met a few months ago: Emma Bale! She’s only 19 years old, a fantastic singer and a super inspiring style icon. Apart from showing me her daily outfits, she also gave me a glimpse of her impressive (glitter!) stage looks.…

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Backstage at my H&M campaigns!

If you’ve ever wondered how a shoot looks from behind the scenes… Here’s a little report I did on my latest H&M campaigns! You’ve seen my H&M Studio campaign here and here, and the Fall Fashion one is coming out TOMORROW. Keep an eye on the blog for the full shoot tomorrow morning and let…

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The blooper edition

The photos you usually see on this blog are carefully selected, edited and curated in a certain way that pleases my personal aesthetic. The photo’s that you don’t see on this blog are usually pretty hilarious. It takes about 80 failed photos to have 6 pretty ones, so why hold back all of the good…

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