blog name Polienne, pronounced like Parisienne

The blog name "Polienne" actually derives from an incorrect pronounciation of my own name, Paulien. Paulien is the Flemish version of Pauline and my modeling agency in Italy couldn't help calling me 'Polienne'. I thought it had this fun, almost Parisian schwung and decided to use it as my blog's name!

name Paulien
aged 23 years old
blogging since 11/2009
based in Antwerp, Belgium
student linguistics and literature
could never live without a cookie a day
interested in photography, traveling
working girl model for a living
could use a little sunshine
loves the boyfriend
question? mail!

paulien [at] polienne.com


camera gear
canon eos 550d
canon 50mm f/1.8 lens
nikon p310

twitter: +2900 followers
facebook: +4000 likes
instagram: +6700 followers
pinterest: +29.6k followers
bloglovin: +2600 followers


ILLA K said...

Thanks for leaving back such empowering comments, seriously you keep me up. Are you on twitter by any chance? It is such a delight to have known you, you have such a sweet personality xo

Kim said...

Hi! Kan je mij mss een mailtje sturen op brunetteblogging@gmail.com? Ik zou iets willen vragen ivm een samenwerking/interview, en doe dat liever via mail (ik vind hier nergens een emailadres, vandaar :)). Bedankt!

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog! ( And Pics)



winstonandceleste said...

Heel leuke blog.


Margaux said...

Hey kleine rocker! Leuke blog seg. Ben je dus wel gaan opzoeken nadat kathelijne over je blog sprak. Mooi foto's btw! xxx



calluswhatever said...

Really pretty

Just discovered your blog and I liked it a lot! Good job!! Will be following


Jessica said...

i've just found your blog and now 'im soooo in love with it :)
you use the same camera and lens as i do but my pictures aren't as sharp as yours. which settings do you use for your outfit pictures? honestly, your blog is amazing !

Anonymous said...

Hi Paulien! my name is Pauline, I'm french, and I didn't know that in flemish Pauline was Paulien :) i found it very nice!
i love your blog, i just discovered it few days ago.. and i'm learning dutch because next year I'll be living in Brussels, and I need to know a little bit of dutch when I'll be going to Antwerp, Brugge, Ooostende and other flemish cities.
so, you're the first flemish blogger I know, the first Paulien i "met" and i'm very happy about it!

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