French Summer feels

There’s nothing that screams “France” more than a straw basket and some white and blue embroidery, right? And those +30° temperatures maybe… At some points this week I really felt like I traded Antwerp for France. Staying focused behind my desk is so difficult on these warm days, so I’ve decided to change my work rhythm a bit. I try to catch the cooler moments of the day by starting a bit earlier and working a bit later, so that the afternoons can be dedicated to biking around town for some shade and refreshment — not at all talking about ice-cream, lalala….

The boyfriend and I went to look for cool water near my apartment and settled for a foot dip in a big fountain! Afterwards we undertook a bike ride through town (hello cool wind) and had ice-cream in this beautiful hidden corridor called Vlaeykensgang. If you’re ever in Antwerp, make sure to take a walk through this stunning medieval secret!

Hope you’re experiencing some lovely Summer days too!

HUSH c/o dress, ETSY basket, ZARA slippers, MANGO sunglasses