ONLY shirt ⎪ VERO MODA wonder jeggings ⎪ HUMANOID scarf ⎪ STRADIVARIUS necklaces
CONVERSE sneakers ⎪ MICHAEL KORS watch ⎪ H&M bag ⎪ CELINE sunglasses

Hi guys! Spring is definitely kicking in (I know I've said this a hundred times before but it's just so excitiiiing) and I even went to uni without wearing a coat last week! The perfect opportunity to show off this great striped shirt I got at Only recently. Yes, another unexpected brand after my Vero Moda lace top I showed you this week! I had been looking for a striped summer shirt for quite a while since seeing the gorgeous Pandora Sykes rocking one here. I feel quite satisfied with this one, and love how the combination with the camel scarf (slash blanket), black and gold watch and white Converses makes the total look a bit preppy. And what's better to clash with a preppy look? A T-Rex earring - my thoughts exactly. 

Now, I hope to take the sun from these pictures with me when leaving for Italy in two days! I haven't told you this, but I'll be heading to Pragelato for a super short ski trip with Club MedThe boyfriend and I couldn't go skiing this year so I'm pretty stoked to be enjoying the glorious mountain views again this weekend. While closely inspecting the rooms, spa, restaurants and the slopes I will take loads of pictures to provide you with a massive update of my travel section. The next important question: what to wear…

Photos by Styling Dutchman
Editing by me

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