Pictures by Robin H.

cardigan, t-shirt, jeans & ankle boots (zara)
check shirt (monki), belt (new look), sunnies (h&m)

The title says it all! I guess that a large breakfast with coffee and pancakes is the only way to get me through this non-inspiring winter blues. I'm not really fond of this outfit, but then again I am. Not quite sure. I like it because this is how I look most of the time when I have to attend classes at uni: comfy shoes, a lot of layering and a chunky knit to keep me warm. But there something about this look that feels disturbing. I believe it's the shoes. The outfit would have looked so great with my chunky ankle boots (see here)! 

Oh, and you might be wondering why I'm talking about winter blues when the sun is clearly shining on these pictures? About half an hour after we snapped these pictures I got stuck in a HUGE snow blizzard. And then, another half an hour later the sun was shining SO BRIGHT through the window while I was in class, that I had to strip off all my clothes. Weather gods = confused! As well am I. And the fact that I've stocked up some pretty summer clothes already, isn't really helping. Earlier this week I've spent a whole evening trying out fun combinations that I can't wear yet... Life is hard kids. 

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