Pictures by Brunette Blogging

coat (c/o oasap), sweater (my boyfriends, from carhartt), shorts (urban outfitters)
striped shirt (h&m), wedge sneakers (the fab shoes), cap (my boyfriend's), bag (zara)

Awkward posing and face alert! I still might look chilled out here but in fact my fingers were five minutes from literally freezing off. I had seriously underestimated the weather by wearing this thin spring coat and denim cut-offs, but all in all I really love how the outfit and the pictures turned out. The fun thing is that the cold seemed to contribute to the pictures with an extra frosty mood. And thank god for Kim living in the neighbourhood, so we could defrost in her cozy apartment afterwards!

This post is called "boyfriend material" because (drumroll) I'm wearing my boyfriends clothes! I've been eying the pwetty speckled jumper ever since he bought it and I couldn't resist stealing one of his caps. Maybe you would expect me to wear these items with something super feminine to compensate, but no, I picked some boyish items instead. I guess it doesn't always have to be heels and dresses. Works out well, no? 

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